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On a Mac, it could be any combination of the three, but on an iOS device, all you really need to check for is an active VPN connection. A support representative can walk you through additional steps that may help get your App Store downloads sped up or working as you would expect them to. Most problems are related to something small and stupid, and one of the steps above can point you into the right direction. If not, Apple is always around to help you. Have you ever experienced slower than normal App Store download speeds? If so, what caused your specific problem?

Share below! Slow App Store downloads? Try this Anthony Bouchard on May 2, Why are my App Store downloads so slow? There are a number of possible culprits, such as: Flaky DNS server: Router issues: If your wireless router has decided to stop broadcasting a signal mid-download, this will definitely hinder your App Store downloads.

Network issues: An incorrectly configured network can cause problems that hinder connectivity with the App Store and could be the cause of your App Store problems. Software glitches: This part is a bit like the wild west: We created f. The way to jailbreak your device depends on the version of iOS that your device is running. To find out your device's iOS version number, open your Settings app on the device, tap General, tap About, and look at Version.

The jailbreaking process preserves the existing data on your device and usually takes less than 15 minutes. To jailbreak after updating, download Absinthe and follow the directions. Download redsn0w 0. There is currently no other jailbreak available for iPad 2. When you open redsn0w, it will ask you for the "IPSW file" for your device, which means a copy of Apple's firmware for your current version; you can download a copy of this file by finding the correct link at The iPhone Wiki's firmware list.

Its issues on both platforms can be pretty frustrating. But, to me, that frustration countered by the largest video library on this list, and the great perks a Prime membership can give. Hulu has just shy of 1, movies available to stream. That's not too shabby, and you get a healthy mix of old and new, with titles ranging from excellent, to Where Hulu shines is in its app.

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The Hulu app has a funky design that goes against the normal green and gray theme Hulu usually goes for. What makes the app really special, however, is in its quality control.

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  4. I'm not talking about Hulu closely policing its movie selection. Hulu is the only app that lets you choose what video quality you'd like to stream in while you are streaming. Need to conserve your data? Switch your stream to Low-quality, all without stopping the movie you're watching.

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    Want Hulu to play at full quality, no matter how much it needs to buffer? You can do that, too. Hulu gives you up to p on mobile, so you can fight your slow connection to watch your movie in the highest resolution possible. Hulu does not support Picture in Picture mode on Android. Hulu is relatively speedy at bringing your videos to HD. Cellular connections take a bit longer than Wi-Fi, but both will get your video to HD in 10—15 seconds.

    In terms of pricing, Hulu gets a bit muddy.

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    Some movies will also have a quick pre-roll ad with the base tier. While the Hulu plan does contain ads, this deal may be too good for some to pass up. Hey, at least you won't deal with ads on Spotify! Hulu, surprisingly, has only expanded its original movie selection from last year's single documentary to just seven. It would seem reasonable to think, however, that Hulu will put more time into original movies now that companies like Netflix and Amazon have as well.

    One thing that stinks about Hulu is you can't download your titles for on-the-go watching. We learned back in January that Hulu will eventually bring this feature to its apps , but at the moment, that feature is still missing. Showtime has the smallest library of movies on this list. That isn't surprising, as the service is mostly known for its catalogue of original content.

    However, its movie queue is decent, coming in at at the time of this article. You don't have the option to change streaming quality, but that's okay — movies look great on Showtime. Streams reach p resolution, which looks sharp on the best displays.

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    While Showtime's support page claims the quality depends on your connection speeds, their support team confirmed the p stream will simply pause if it cannot keep up with your internet. Android users won't find Picture in Picture mode here, unfortunately. However, as previously mentioned, students can save a lot of money on not just a Showtime subscription, but Hulu and Spotify subs as well.

    If you attend school and are interested in even one of these services, you might as well sign up. If you aren't a student, you can still save some money by signing up for a free trial. Showtime offers new users one week sans payment, so you can binge as many movies as you possibly can in seven days. Whether you're on your free trial, or paying for the service, you'll unfortunately run into Showtime ads before beginning a stream.

    Luckily, these ads are short, no longer than 15 or 30 seconds. Unlike its original programming like Shameless or Homeland, Showtime does not produce its own movies. But that's okay — it's library is plenty large to find titles to enjoy.

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    But if you are already an HBO Now subscriber for the shows, you have a great movie-streaming app on your hands as well. With titles, HBO Now doesn't have the largest movie selection, but it does have some killer flicks.

    This is HBO, after all. There's a healthy mix here of current movies, classics, and some that may have gone overlooked in their time, and HBO's movie library is refreshed with new titles quite frequently. HBO has been making movies for decades — since the s, in fact.